Au Salon du Luxe Paris, notre Maison a été repérée par Black Card Emotion – Elite Lifestyle Magazine. Aujourd’hui, nous faisons donc un écart, une courte infidélité à la si belle langue française, afin de vous partager notre plaisir de découvrir l’intérêt pour notre Maison hors de l’Hexagone !

« In order to successfully tackle the challenge of venturing beyond corporate speech and hollow words, Trafalgar has developed and refined its own interview techniques: from the moment they arrive at the House, clients are welcomed as guests and share a privileged moment of deep conversation with their dedicated portraitist. Renowned for their ability to “suspend the course of time”, these moments represent a space where talking about oneself is not only and finally allowed, but also encouraged. They are the reason why Trafalgar is able to achieve richness, texture, and a nuanced depiction of Human complexity »