À Lyon

Le 22 mars 2020

Golden threads over auburn eyes.

Light bouncing off freshly washed sheets. Outstretched hands at dawn.

Heated conversations blazing off into cool nights. The lion’s roar.

New York, Vermont, Kabik, Lyon, Istanbul, Tulum, and Rome.

Two ducks gliding along the surface. The forehead kiss.

Bourbon induced hypnosis. SO MUCH FUN.

Endless days of endless summers. Long blades slashing down crystal hills.

Not being where you are not. Being there for the ones who count. Family.

A series of detours. Not seeing well in the dark.

Optimism against all odds.

A hostess and a chef; non-fiction, fiction. Pink walls.

Sandy toes and tired shoulders. What a good swim.

Amaryllis blooms, four flowers facing all directions.

Rewriting the alphabet. Removing the space between K and L.